Perfectly Timed Shots

A few years ago I was on a trip to the South of Chile, my friends and I were passing near Chillan and we stopped for one night.  One of them took an amazing shot at a hawk flying threatenly and straight to us.

We were standing on the porch of our cabin, and we intentionally left a piece of meat on the bench. After a little while the hawk flew towards us, grabbed the piece of meat and flew away, it was so beautiful and amazing that it made me want to capture more moments like that one (which hasn’t happened yet…) or at least look for that picture and share it (which hasn’t happened either!).

Instead, dear reader, I compiled a bunch of still-awesome shots of other people and mine as well that I hope will let you grasp what I saw with the hawk near Chillán 🙂


Image Credit: Unknown


Image Credit: Stanitoperfectanimalshots02

Image Credit: Unknown

Image Credit: Stanito


Image Credit: Pam Mullins perfectanimalshots10

Image Credit: Unknown

Image Credit: Paul Spielvogel 


Image Credit: Roeselien Raimond perfectanimalshots19

Image Credit: Unknown


Image Credit: Unknown perfectanimalshots29

Image Credit: Unknown perfectanimalshots32

Image Credit: Unknown


Image Credit: Ben Terode perfectanimalshots37-640x418 (1)

Image Credit: Igor Siwanowicz perfectanimalshots38-640x427

Image Credit: Anneke Rangelrooij


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