Scary North Korea

Scary North Korea

Dear reader, before embarking to a new adventure I kindly suggest that you check the weather conditions at destination, so that you know what clothes you need to pack. Oh, and if you go to places like North Korea, it might be wise to also check less relevant aspects such as political situation, entry conditions, communications limits, and so on and so on…

So yes. North Korea will be a destination very soon. Just by reading the name, the sound of North Korea should have provoked a “?” on your face or reactions such as “This girl is crazy!”. Why going to North Korea? Simply because there is no other country on Earth like it, in so many ways.
Anyway, since this is in program I started paying attention to headlines and news in general. Now, it’s funny how lately all I can read about North Korea is Third World War Threats, Nuclear Strikes, South Korean Invasion, and so on and so on… (I won’t say much more about it hoping that my dear friend Ames will take the lead on this one 😉 ).
I should be worried for going to such place, so I checked in with our tour guide and this is the chat we had:

Me: …oh and also, just wondering, what do you think of the current news about war threats?
R: hahahaha
Me: yeah,I laughed too 🙂
R: we’ve heard them all 60 years on this peninsula, last time it was the nuclear threats
before that it was the satellite launch
before that one was the failed satellite launch
Me: So it’s a long standing habit then…
R: … then it was the Yeongdong islands
before that Cheonanham
but since that, there has been nothing, only a more increased interest in tourism actually
in south Korea they are seeing a boom in DMZ tours. Last week i had a tour in Pyongyang and one of the tourists father called me cause he was so worried
Me: Woo
R: but he came out safe and sound
Me: I can imagine actually :O awesome! So it makes everything sportier, love the sound! Exactly what I’m looking for
R: …and the tourist couldn’t stop talking about how awesome it was of an experience
and if Dennis rodman says there won’t be a war…
Me: …then there won’t be one 🙂 I need to let my parents know about Dennis!

And right after this comforting conversation, I found the image you see above and below.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un looks at the latest combat and technical equipments, made by unit 1501 of the Korean People's Army, during his visit to the unit
So ok, North Korea may love threatening to start a World War III, but this photo kind of makes me think of “Mmmm  I don’t see that happening…” the image just portrays quite the opposite, don’t you think?
Then the other threats, turning South Korea into a hell of flames and disgrace, kind of unfunded too since they do not count with the necessary military capacity to carry out such apocalyptic operation.
Even if the army is big (one of the biggest on earth) it doesn’t have enough funds to fuel their fighter jets and carry on with tanks. They can’t afford it!
This might all be part of their propaganda (which they’re worldwide famous for) so that people will believe in their cause without actually being able to question if they’re technologically advanced enough to portray such operation. How could they possibly know?
At least in this pic, Kim Jong Un seems excited trying out new technology.
So, let’s forget about their threats and provocations and try keep in mind the gap between their technologies from the ones we know.
By the way, what is exactly the device in the second photo? Spyglass?


13 thoughts on “Scary North Korea

  1. Haha I think that’s one of those old viewers you put a quarter in at the top of the Statue of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower.

    That top pic begs a caption “You see, Glorious Leader, you move with WSAD, and move this floating ball to look around…”

    1. Hahaha I think you’re right 🙂 !
      In fact, if he wanted to appear more “dangerous”… I would have chosen a different photo. This is too friendly.
      My dad is concerned about this trip, but he also thinks that the Glorious Leader looks not so smart..

  2. By all accounts if you want to see the real North Korea you’re going to have to evade your ‘handlers’ once you’re there, and that could end up with you being portrayed as a spy. Stay safe. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. 😉

    P.S. I like your kind of crazy. I hope it is infectious.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment 🙂
      I heard the handlers are quite tight there, follow you everywhere, wow, I’ll see what I can do 😛 I read about a cave that is not in the official program where allegedly the Dear Leader found unicorns… Obviously I’m very interested 🙂 heheheh

    1. Hello Raj, thanks for your scary comment 😛
      I think he is either learning (he is clearly being taught by the guy next to him) to:
      A)- Play pacman (we all know how little foreign entertainment material can get into DPRK);
      B)- Play Naval Battle, and as you suggest, he’s choosing the first target areas;

      Either way, he doesn’t look too bright to me, so hopefully he’ll mistakenly put off all the air bombs.

  3. jajaja..really good..looks like they stole an organ player from a catholic church…maybe they are spying on the new pope..yeah, not smart at all

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