Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher

Non posso che essere d’accordo quando qualcuno dice che la Gran Bretagna ha avuto donne che hanno guidato un paese che é ancora oggi l’ultimo vero impero esistente. Elizabeth, Victoria e ora Margaret. Quest’ultima ha cambiato la faccia della Gran Bretagna in molti sensi, anche se non necessariamente per il bene, allargando in modo notevole il divario tra ricchi e poveri.

Potete non pensarla come me ma mi chiedo se l’Italia, cosí com’é messa oggi giorno non abbia bisogno di un leader come lei, che ha avuto mano dura, invece di avere i partiti piú grandi che fanno i capricci e ci portano al delirio mai visto prima?

Good luck Napolitano! Abbiamo bisogno di piú serietá in Italia.


6 thoughts on “Margaret Thatcher

    1. Ci sarebbe un grande bisogno, l’Italia é messa male come non si era mai visto prima, assurdo… e i tre partiti piú grandi non riescono a trovare un minimo accordo. Farei tabula rasa, scempio in Parlamento.

      1. Stiamo messi male perche’ tutti pensano ai loro interessi personali, e non ai problemi del popolo… basterebbe solo un po’ di umilta’, quella che ha Papa Francesco!

        Besos e augurissimi di buon compleanno Stanita mia!! :**

  1. First, a belated Happy Birthday, Stanito! A working Italian government would have been a lovely birthday present for you. In German newspapers the Italian situation is not even mentioned, probably because nothing noteable (for the rest of the world) is happening. It really saddens me to see such Italy, an amazing country with so many resources, go down the drain because its electorate are either ill-informed, ill-educated or (as mentioned above) thinking only of their own personal gain. It is so short sighted! Am I expecting too much from the human race?

    And with Margaret Thatcher’s funeral today, let’s pray that the violent stay home and allow those who want to mourn to do so!
    Again, sorry this is in English. But I don’t want you to laugh at my Italian. 😉

    1. My dear Debbie! Thank you so much for your greetings and comment 🙂 Nice hearing back from you.

      Your comment reflects the feelings of many Italians and foreigners living here. The situation is worse than I ever thought. I don’t you’re expecting too much from human race at all, you are expecting basic and decent conditions that are needed in every country. However, as things have never been this bad, I can only think that the situation can improve somehow. I don’t think we will vote again in October, but in June instead, I’m almost sure about it. And now we’ll have the Presidential elections, which is going to create even more turmoil. I don’t know quite what to think, honestly.

      About Thatcher, I really hope tolerance will allow mourners and those who were against her to express themselves without recurring to violence (easier said than done actually, given the violence I saw in Chile when Pinochet died). But still, let’s hope so.
      Debbie please feel free to speak Italian any time 🙂 I promise I won’t laugh!

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