Historic Dinner

Ever though of a dive into history sometimes?
Kind of like the feeling I have when I am in the center of Rome, or Athens, or even Old Sacramento which I dearly love, it’s like a plunge into the Rush Gold days. Even bartenders are properly dressed as gold miners of the 19th century.

Well, what I saw in Rome two nights ago is almost like that, dear reader, and this Roman dining oddity could only happen in Rome

After having an awesome aperitivo with my adventures friend Ayame, we walked towards Piramide metro station, when I saw this…

20130414_231419© Stanito, 2013

20130414_231315© Stanito, 2013

It looked like a vintage tram from the 20’s or 30’s and it was standing there with people.

So weird, so obviously Stanito needed to get closer to it … As I approached it I could see fancy glasses and people chatting, not like in normal trams or trains where people completely ignore each other.

20130414_231332© Stanito, 2013

I needed to know more about it, and it turns out that this is an actual restaurant on rails, which is also known as Tram Ristorante.

This unique “Restaurant on Rails” is a showcase of Rome’s vintage charm. The converted 1928 tram became a pretty restaurant on wheels, one of the first moving tramcar restaurants in Rome and a cute innovative approach to dining. As it slowly crosses the historic center of Rome, diners can enjoy homemade food and drinks.   The tram has daily scheduled departures from the city center until Piramide metro station, going through Porta Maggiore, Coliseum or Piazza delle Belle Arti, for about 3.5 hours. It can host between 28 and 39 people.

Because it’s so exclusive and expensive (50-60 Euro per person), the website accepts bookings with three weeks in advance.

My conclusion? It is indeed a nice and original concept of dinner, but 50 euros?? When I can simply go to Er Porchettaro and have the best cheese on Earth for 6 euros?  I don’t think so. Rome is so pretty and filled with amazing places, so people skip this one and keep walking 🙂

20130414_231419© Stanito, 2013


15 thoughts on “Historic Dinner

  1. How cute!! I’ve seen the ads for this but have never actually seen it before. Love how you went straight up to these people having dinner and took pictures anyway. They don’t even seem to notice! :p

    1. Hi Renée 🙂
      They were enjoying their expensive and awesome dinner, but if I were them I still would have minded if someone takes a photo of me while eating.

  2. The Tram Ristorante looks like a great evening (albeit not cheap), especially for celebrating a birthday or whatever with all your friends. But every evening in Rome is potentially great no matter where you choose to spend it.

    1. Hi Deb 🙂 Rome does offer lots of possible scenaries, true. If it wasn’t for the price I would try it asap, I heard the food is pretty good.

  3. I liked your review of the restaurant, though it was from the outside looking in. It just shows that some people will spend money on anything. I agree with you…. give me a good restaurant with good food and who cares about the surroundings!

    1. True that, I think this idea is original and well thought, the tour of the tram is very nice and properly timed so that passengers can appreciate the monuments with the best light and no traffic (or much less than normal).
      Cristina, remember La Bussola? Well, next time we’ll go to Er Porchettaro, absolutely sublime and authentic.

      1. That is the restaurant where we ate after visiting Ostia Antica, right? That meal was fantastic! We arrived after 3pm, long after lunch was over, but they treated us like kings. Memorable day and memorable meal.

    1. And romantic too, I mean, enjoying a good Italian dish while sourrounding the Colosseo? that would be a very nice touch 🙂

  4. Right on the other side of my place…:-) Have seen it and must admit it was amusing to see people enjoy themselves and it does look pretty albeit a bit touristy. But from what I can tell it only curves around to the Colloseum which is nice cuz it stops at the top of the parallel hilltop curving road with a nice view… Shame really cuz if the tram made a whole detour especially going from the Colloseum to the Tiber up to St. Peter….well…and imagine it whipping up the Gianicolo where you could have your dessert with that spectacular view of Rome.:-) Would be well worth the money n more.

    Another curiosity is where the heck is the kitchen? No way did it seem that the kitchen would fit the small train and that’s an issue with food and having your pasta al dente. A definite culinary challenge.

    If any city should be a Tram-city it is Rome, but unfortunately even the Trams that they meant to put up from Trastevere to Colloseum and spent loads of money turned to be a total inept fiasco…

    Interestingly enough on the other side of Termini, in Porta Maggiore are some nice old Trams, nothing spectacular even some would find them horrid cuz they are old and beat down, but I think they are quite lovely really and are an ode to the yester glory years when the Tram reigned public transport in Rome. Makes you feel like your travelling back in time. 🙂

    PS – Great pictures, cobblestones, the lamps, lighting you capture it beautifully. In fact you flatter it in my opinion a bit, they should look you up for advertising! 😉

    1. Hi Mazen thanks for your comment 🙂
      I agree, these trams give a sort of old glamour, love them. If they took a longer route the price would definitely worth it.
      Very good observation yours, there si no space for kitchen… so perhaps it’s like on air planes where they prepare the menu in advance (probably that’s why they ask you to book it with 2-3 weeks notice) and store it in the ends of the tram.
      By the way, you used to live in a beautiful area 🙂 !

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