Judges Falcone & Borsellino: the Red Agenda thief


It was on 23 May 1992 at a hospital in Palermo where Paolo Borsellino holds his old friend Giovanni Falcone for the last time before his death. This attack in Italy is known as Strage di Capaci.

From that moment Borsellino became the successor of Falcone and also the next designated victim of Cosa Nostra. Not even two months later, on 19 July 1992, a bomb-car filled with trinitrotoluene explodes and claims Borsellino and his body guards lives right in front of his mother’s house.

On the attack spot it was found a bag which belonged to Paolo Borsellino. The bag contained an agenda with all sorts of notes and investigation records known as Agenda Rossa (Red Agenda). The agenda – which pinned carefully every discovery made by Borsellino since Falcone’s death – disappears from the scene.

However, the mysteries surrounding  the agenda that Borsellino always kept with him seems to have finally found a way out through an inedit video made out of fragments from several TV operators (RAI, Canale 5, private channels and amateurs) frame several faces but in particular one police man who is shown in the video walking between cars with Borsellino’s bag in his left hand (from La Repubblica).


It is the same man that caught the attention of inspector Giuseppe Garofalo, who clearly remembers him first walking with the bag and later approaching a well dressed man standing next to the bombed car (photo below taken from La Repubblica).

la repubblica

The bag was later seen inside the car again with all its objects inside except for the agenda. The inspector interrogated both men and their answers never convinced him. Bolzoni and Palazzolo, authors of the video I posted here below, have carried out an extensive research which leads to a strong link between mafia and high State officers. Borsellino came to know about many dialogues under the table precisely between Cosa Nostra bosses and big State authorities. The agenda probably had very important names that triggered another doubt: Borsellino publicly approached the Caltanissetta magistrates who were following Falcone’s death (strage di Capaci) because he had something important to tell them on that regard. As Bolzoni and Palazzolo continue the interrogations, we realize that the magistrates never listened to what Borsellino had to say. 56 days later in fact, he died and no magistrate felt the need to know.

Now this video is the last tool that can be used in order to identify, though dimly, the thief of the Red Agenda.

“Mi uccideranno, ma non sarà una vendetta della mafia, la mafia non si vendica. Forse saranno mafiosi quelli che materialmente mi uccideranno, ma quelli che avranno voluto la mia morte saranno altri.” – Paolo Borsellino

Translated: “They will kill me, but it won’t be a revenge of mafia, they don’t take revenge. They might have killed me, literally, but those who ordered my death will be others

Bolzoni and Palazzolo’s investigation for La Repubblica, officially reopened:



2 thoughts on “Judges Falcone & Borsellino: the Red Agenda thief

  1. Povera Italia! È una vera disgrazia che la mafia può avere così molta forza nel un paese come Italia. Può compare i politici a quel tempo e ancore oggi. Ma quei chi resistono sono morti. Una tragedia moderna ma anche antica!

    1. Ben detto Debbie.
      Purtroppo la mafia é nata sotto lo slogan di Robin Hood praticamente, e ora maneggia da dietro le quinte persino dietro le alte autoritá. I due giudici piú famosi perche combatterono la mafia. Che ne pensi?

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