Cyprus, South, North & Why you should go

Dear reader,

Ancient history, beautiful landscapes, remarkable culture, turquoise beaches, and great food. Dear reader, if you ever consider traveling to Cyprus you’ll probably find these elements very agreeable.

It was an 8-days trip, not plenty of time but enough for Stanito to go everywhere she wanted. Unlike many other Mediterranean islands that are mainly regarded as touristic destinations, Cyprus holds features that makes it unique.

Here are some key reasons why one shouldn’t miss a chance to visit Cyprus:

1- Aphrodite’s favorite place, not birth place: Petra tou Romiou, Aphrodite’s Birth Place, lovely turquoise beach on the way from Paphos towards Episkopi Bay. “History” (Homer, Pausania, Esiodos, etc.) will tell that Aphrodite, been born from sea foam after her father was evilly castrated by his son, arrived first to Cythera island, but finding it too small decided to keep floating on a beautiful shell until she found Paphos.

Aphrodite's Coral Bay Stanito©Stanito, 2013

2- You have 320 sunny days each year. 

3- Map on its flag: until 2008 Cyprus was the only country in the world to have a map as part of its flag design. Until Kosovo did the exact same thing. The official flag of Cyprus came into use in 1960, before then and because of the ongoing conflict on the island you could find both Greek and Turkish flags. However, in 1960 it was decided that the flag should not display any element that would regard to either contending nation (like a cross or a crescent), so they came up with a peaceful and neutral copper-and-olive-branches design. To me, it’s still very Greek though 😉

Cyprus flag


Kosovo unofficial flag


And then a weird Cyprus flag in red I found in Polis. Never knew why it was red, but one of my travel companions said “it looks like the Turks are coming to Polis”.

cyprus-flag©Stanito, 2013

However, the Northern side of Cyprus has a flag of their own:

Flag of Northern Cyprus, very much like the Turkish flag but with reversed colors

4- British Force Military base:
having being under British rule from 1925 to 1960, the British retained two military bases on the island: one in Akrotiri and another one in Dhekelia. This is the Akrotiri one:

20130507_172159©Stanito, 2013

5- Ancient ruins: history and culture reign on this beautiful island, and so ancient ruins remind us of Greek Gods temples and sanctuaries.

Here at Apollo’s Temple

20130507_174210©Stanito, 2013

Then at Tombs of the King

Tombs of the King, Stanito.©Stanito, 2013

And Dionysos house

Dyonisos & Icarios©Stanito, 2013

6- Ghost Towns: the remaining of Androlikou, previously inhabited by Turkish who later moved to Northern Cyprus.

IMG_2001©Stanito, 2013

7- Delicious food: no words to describe food actually. It’s too good in both sides, Greek and Turkish specialties.

8- Friendly people and veterans of war: this man loves talking to visitors, if you he can tell his stories of war, which is very unlikely to happen normally.

IMG_2012©Stanito, 2013

And those that deserve a proper talk space:

10- The most bizarre check point. 

11- The only remaining divided capital.

12- Charming little towns and old streets.

and more…

What happens after you see all the above? You just don’t want to leave.
IMG_1842©Stanito, 2013


3 thoughts on “Cyprus, South, North & Why you should go

  1. the flag color was a big issue some time ago with the big shots arguing that there should be only one proper color of the flag. In the end they defined the exact color… but I don’t think they bothered to change the existing flags

  2. great!!! Pakistan may be ur next learning experience. the country housing the oldest civilization “indus vally civilization dateing back to about 5000 BC. Taxila civilization near islamabad and many many more remains of history which though poorly perserved but enlightens one the way centuries old people had living standards very similar to those of today. Cheers

    1. Thank you Aslam, believe me Pakistan is in my mind already, just need to find the right time to go. Plenty of interesting things to see out there.

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