Pet of The Day: The Camel of Sea Level

Pet of The Day: The Camel of Sea Level
© Stanito, 2012

Dear reader,

Every place on earth has its own celebrity/ies. At Sea Level on the way to Jericho and leading to the lowest point on earth (and the saltyest!), dear reader, this majestic, royal, modest, proud creature is a must-visit on your check list. Not because you have to ride him but because this animal has a special story worth listening to.

Probably the most famous camel in the West Bank, this camel is over 20 years old and always side by side with his beduin friend. They lived everywhere, in the harshest conditions, the toughest places, met the rudest and nicest people.

Names for this lovely creature vary as his owner says that he enjoys more than just one pet name: shisho and khada among the most used.

His life is quite simple, whenever drivers stop and approach him you can have a very short Camel Tour of about 7 minutes. He follows a strict tour routine divided in 4 steps (demo without actual person on top):


1© Stanito, 2012


2© Stanito, 2012


3© Stanito, 2012


4© Stanito, 2012

Life hasn’t always been easy for the Camel & Beduin pair, in fact due to severe illness of the animal, two years ago the beduin was forced to move the his pet in order to receive proper treatment and recovery. He went to Jericho also hoping to use it as Camel Tour spot once his camel recovered.

However, things didn’t work out so the pair went back to Sea Level.

0© Stanito, 2012


4 thoughts on “Pet of The Day: The Camel of Sea Level

  1. I decided to follow you. I especially like your page top photo. Nice to see you dropped by to see the place. There is an especially rich gold mine, underground, about 400 yards north of the where you were kneeling. You are facing north in the pic.

    1. Hi Dave, thanks for passing by my blog 🙂
      I think I know about you already, is your full name David Kimber Howard?
      A dear friend of mine told me about you and that particular mine. I’m sure you have lots of interesting stories about it!
      I loved that place and the surrounding areas, there is a ghost town over there that I loved.

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