California: Sardine Lake

Photo of The Day: Sardine Lake
© Stanito, 2012

Touring around California is just wonderful, it basically has most of the things I NEED to see: mountains, ghost towns, old towns, Old Sacramento (a whole post should be dedicated to the lovely town), mines (which I was introduced to for the first time), exaggerated food, amazing vanilla milkshake, two great friends along the ride, and escaping smoke.

This above is Sardine Lake, Sierra City , CA, one of the most beautiful lakes I’ve ever seen. On a remote corner of California, on the way to Reno if you look on the map

IMG_0371© Stanito, 2012

IMG_0337© Stanito, 2012

lake sardine stanito© Stanito, 2012

Oh, and a cute street sign I found reaby

IMG_0273© Stanito, 2012


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