Photo of the Day: Gaza Beach

Photo of the Day: Gaza Beach

This is what Gaza strip beach looks like on a busy Friday afternoon. People in Gaza are not allowed to go beyond than one mile out into the Gaza Sea.


10 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Gaza Beach

      1. Boats can go farther, as far as I know. But after a few miles they might be checked for weapons by the Israeli Navy, which is understandable given the amount of weapons being smuggled into Gaza from Egypt and the Mediterranean.

        1. From what I read only one mile is permitted.
          Anyway, you’re right about the weapons traffic. None of the side is innocent I believe.

        2. Only one mile is ‘permitted’.
          Fish, that’s what fishing boats get: fish and shrimp.
          Because the people in Gaza are not ‘allowed’ to fish further than one mile, many are suffering from starvation.
          While the zionist Occupiers in Tel Aviv, etc. eat caviar!

          1. If Hamas spent less on missiles, maybe they could also buy a can of caviar.
            By the way, caviar is not kosher, so I doubt many people in Tel Aviv eat it.
            Also, I don’t know what occupation you mean because the IDF left Gaza a long time ago and Israel even ordered all its civilians to leave Gaza, against their will. That’s the opposite of occupation.

          2. Blah, blah… Hasbara: cookie-cutter-cut-out, Hasbara response about Hamas.

            Not kosher?! lol as if that ever stopped the the Occupiers in Tel Aviv, etc. from eating pigs!
            Atheists most of ’em.

            As for Gaza, since you claim Gaza is not under Occupation, then tell me, why is it that the zionist regime controls their right [the Palestinians living in Gaza] to fish in their waters?

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