Tegucigalpa: The Wire City

Stanito is always happy to travel to new places 🙂 and Honduras certainly fit the bill. After work she was ready to go out and explore and as she was warned about the city being particularly not safe, she was armed with just few lempiras and her camera (I don’t think you need anything more).
Her friend M. though was there waiting ready with the typical friendly warnings and suggestions:

M: “Stana, just beware of cables, there are plenty that are loose and can reach your height”
Stanito: “… Cables? Hahahaha why with cables? :)”
M: “No no, I’m serious, there is a cables over-presence here. People have died electrocuted!”
Stanito: “… ??!”

I honestly thought my friend was exaggerating, you know when you’re hosted somewhere you expect this kindness like good suggestions, tips, warnings, etc. But as I stepped out of my room, I could see what she meant…

Wires-Tegu© Stanito, 2013

I was speechless. Dear reader, if there ever was a city of wires in the world, that should be Tegucigalpa. Everywhere you look there’s telephone wires and cable nests. If not not nodded up then you’ll see hundreds of strings crossing the sky from pole to pole. There used to be a lot more until last year, but government campaigns have helped reducing and taking off cables that could be hazardous and/or unnecessary.

This is downtown, as you can see there are many rolls and strings of cables everywhere. I was told by an officer the 60% of these wires are not even in use (probably old, or cut, or somehow not working)

IMG_2064© Stanito, 2013

IMG_2066© Stanito, 2013

Most of them are rolled up or simply left hanging. See the nest above? Well, they’re everywhere.
The same officer then told me that there have been campaigns to remove the unnecessary wires after fatal accidents. So my friend was actually right!

IMG_2086© Stanito, 2013

Here I’m standing in front of a delicious typical restaurant specialized in seafood, Tony’s Mar, and cables didn’t do any justice here either…

IMG_2115© Stanito, 2013

IMG_2118© Stanito, 2013

IMG_2124© Stanito, 2013

IMG_2146© Stanito, 2013

We tried to run away from cables, but they’re everywhere! Even on remote mountain towns.
Above and below is a little town called Valle de Angeles. I guess you had to be there to understand how hard it was for me to take a shot of this beautiful little church without wires

IMG_2158© Stanito, 2013

Poor Stanito. ALL she wanted was a photo of this beautiful landscape, but no! Cables there too

IMG_2172© Stanito, 2013

Finally, I thought “Well, if we drive back siding the mountain there should be hardly any cables around”



8 thoughts on “Tegucigalpa: The Wire City

    1. Hahaha I couldn’t imagine a tourist guide talking about cables 🙂 you’re right!
      The city was beautiful though, cables aside, there’s a lot more to say about it

    1. Hi Andreas,
      you are certainly right, tall people have higher risks. But also, many of these cables were lying on the floor, and if one is not careful, tripping on them is very easy. In fact an ex minister died because a car dragged by accident many cables and he got electrocuted. That’s why they started a campaign to clean the cables.

  1. Too bad those cables are risking everybody’s safety. The government should do someting about it. Honduras is such a beautiful country. People, need to complaint more, so they can be heard. I hope someone does something about it.

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