Photo of The Day: Homework in Gaza

Photo of The Day: Homework in Gaza

The photo was taken by photographer Eman Mohammed in the Gaza Strip, portraying a little Palestinian boy doing his homework while sitting on a grave in a cemetery where he lives with his family.
His family, despite government warnings, continues to live inside the Al Balad Cemetery. For decades now.


4 thoughts on “Photo of The Day: Homework in Gaza

  1. Thank you for posting good quality photo and telling who is the photographer. Too bad this photo is used all over the Internet (mostly Tweeter) with description “A boy from Gaza is coming to the grave of his mother killed by Israeli strike to do his homework…” I also found more detailed article about this family, with one more photo of his mom cooking meal in their kitchen, and his 3 siblings, and his friends coming to play soccer on the cemetery… Very interesting yet sad story. There are so many real stories to prove pretty much any point, I just don’t understand why people have to make up other stories… Also, I couldn’t share this photo on Tweeter: weirdly it says, account suspended.

    1. Hi Vladivosta,
      Thank you for visiting 🙂

      Both sides, Israeli and Palestinian, tend to manipulate stories like you said. This case perhaps to gain more sympathy and compassion “Look how this poor kid lives in Gaza” sort of idea. Sad really, because it alters the truth only to stir more trouble with the other side. It’s all they do in the end.. and they lose focus on the actual story/problem.
      Could you share the photo from this post on Twitter? I took it from an Italian news paper,

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