Vehicle of The Day: Coco Taxi

Vehicle of The Day: Coco Taxi

The cutest little taxi vecture Stanito has ever seen. It was up on the mountains of Valle de Angeles, we were just standing at a corner when we saw this tiny little thing carrying a very old lady in the back. I was hoping she wouldn’t mind me taking her photo. For the record, I did ask her permission to do so.


After seeing this little cab, and remembering of Italian Ape, there is no doubt about the fact that when you visit a place and you want to be thorough, you need cover every corner.
Logically, walking is the most advisable method, but what if you’re in Honduras where distances can be overwhelming? i would advice you to avoid public transport and instead try these: Coco Taxi!

Why trying Coco Taxi:

1- it’s funny

2- it’s eccentric

3- ideal for couples

4- embarrassing for most people, so you’ll never have to fight to go on one 🙂

5- speeds through traffic like it was water

Until late 80’s Coco Taxi were meant only for locals, but this cute gem was so unique that started to attract tourists, making its price go higher, that’s why bargaining is recommended as it can be often more expensive than regular cabs.

on the other hand, would you miss out riding this little thing?



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