Chinese breakfast

Nimen hao ma!

Stanito’s new adventure in China/North Korea/Japan has started!
First experience: real Chinese international breakfast, consisting of pork dumplings, onion noodles, green beans and coffee with soy milk (this last addition was actually requested as i do need coffee in the morning).

Lots more coming up, so stay tuned!

Zai jian



8 thoughts on “Chinese breakfast

  1. Nimen hao ma is asking people how they do – nimen hao is hello to more than 1 person 🙂 but good you try! I love dumplings and noodles but my mother in law would complain that you put two sources of carbonhydrates in one meal – it should be either buns or dumplings or rice or noodles, not two together but I love it! nomm nomm 🙂

    1. Hi there thanks for your comment 🙂 “how you doing” is exactly what I meant to say to my fellow readers!
      I love your idea of menu, honestly I loved the dumpling+noodles combination. The dumplings were huge also, three of them and I was full. How’s a typical breakfast on Hong Kong ? Do tell me 🙂

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