North Korea: Traffic Girl poster

North Korea: Traffic Girl poster

Dear reader,

there’s nothing more intriguing, strange and bizarre than walking into a North Korean souvenir shop. Apart from all the propaganda material, I found this one to be very particular: a Traffic Girl poster, winter version.
Who exactly is a Traffic Girl? A traffic girl is a uniformed woman who will direct traffic instead of a traffic light.
As you probably guessed, North Korean streets are not as crowded and noisy like Rome, NYC or Beijing, therefore there is hardly a need for traffic direction if you only see two buses and 5 cars every 30 minutes. However, the real reason behind this uniformed officers is to keep track of the vehicles from one district to another. People from rural districts who wish to drive to or through Pyongyang, need to apply for a permission from the government in order to move. A very simple way to keep tight control over the population is by simply locate these officers who will memorize car plates and will know which one belongs where.

Of Traffic Girls you’ll find dolls, pins and beautiful posters such as this one because her face expression and position is exactly the real life replica:

Traffic Girl stanito© Stanito, 2013

More on DPRK Traffic Police Officers coming soon on Stanito… stay tuned!


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