Boba Purple Milk Tea: how to make it at home

Stanito has tried everything to escape the soffocating heat of China: she had many showers, drank lots of water and iced tea which made her even thirstier, she developed a new addiction to AC, wore very little clothes, and still nothing worked out for her.

In the end, when no hope was left, desperation and her good friend Ayame led her here one night…

Taiwanese Milk Tea© Stanito, 2013

The famous Taiwanese Purple Milk Tea! One sip and Stanito was as good as new. There are arguments regarding the origins, Taiwanese or Chinese? Is the inventor that famous lady that appeared on CNN last year? I don’t really mind, all I know is that from that moment on, Boba Milk Tea was a regular on my daily menú: it’s fresh, not too sweet and frankly in Italy we are sticking so much with our Coffe Culture and other typical beverages that there is rarely an occasion to bring in new drinks into the culture.

So, what is it so special about this drink, you might be asking? Couldn’t a beer do it instead? Probably, but believe me the taste of milk tea is unique.

It’s a very simple drink, cold and not too sweet that can be of many flavours. And here is how you can make it at home:

What you need:
Find Boba pearls. I guess you can find it in any Asian store. Are you in Rome? Go to Vittorio Emanuele.

But first, what are the Boba pearls?
Boba is basically a starch taken from cassava roots. Before they’re extracted from the cassava root, which is native to South America. Before they’re boiled, they are hard and opaque. After being boiled they are soft and purple, hence the color.

How to cook Boba pearls:
For a 1/4 cup of pearls you need two cups of water. Boil the water alone. Add the boba pearls and stir until they start floating to the top. After they’re all soft let them sitting for about 15 minutes.Once the sitting time is over, drain them from the water and transfer them to a container. Pour the sugar syrup over the top until the boba are submerged. Let sit for at least 15 minutes.

Other Ingredients:
2 tea bags
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup sugar syrup
Fruit juice if you need (but it’s so good on its own that you might just skip this step)

What’s the best way to enjoy a boba tea?
Getting your first bubble tea can be a bit bewildering, so let’s try to make it special.
As soon as you have your cup ready (hopefully sealed), shake it. This way you will distribute the toppings and the purple color throughout the tea cup and the pearls won’t stuck at the bottom.  Make sure you have a fat strow so you can eat the pearls.


One thought on “Boba Purple Milk Tea: how to make it at home

  1. Thanx! seriously thanx! Wanted to try Milk Tea ever since my childhood half sci-fi books about Tibetan monks. Not sure if this is exactly like the one tерунэму been drinking in Tibet but I hope it’s close enough

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