Capsule Hotel in Tokyo

Dear reader,

we all know that if one is not careful with money, any place can be expensive.
So if you consider yourself a budget traveler like Stanito, why not choosing to enjoy Tokyo in a stylish and unique way without filing for bankrupcy?

There are great hotels in Tokyo, business hotels with all the amenities, but if you want to experience Japan in a much more special way, I suggest you skip all the regular steril hotels and instead go for the strangest accomodation you can imagine.

Welcome to the Capsule Hotel!

Stanito capsule hotel adventure Tokyo© Stanito, 2013

So, what is a Capsule Hotel?
The Capsule Hotels are a fantastic idea of how to sleep well, perfect temperature, enjoy traditional super clean Japanese shared bathrooms, and the uniqueness of a place that is big enough to fit you and small TV. The one I stayed in is Asakusa Wasou.

Where did this fantastic idea come from?
It all happened on one rainy night. A Japanese business man was leaving late from the office and joined some colleagues in a cheap bar to relax and happy hour. The Japanese business man though got so drunk and felt so embarrassed that he didn’t want to go home like this to his wife. So he started wondering around the crowds of Tokyo looking for a cheap place where he could spend the night. No expensive hotels, no seedy motels either, until at some point he found a little place with several beds in a row. He spent just a few hundred yens and the place will later turn into the now known Capsule hotel for the joy of all those who are either drunk or miss the last train home.

I agree that they look like coffins but they’re cute and stacked on top of each other so that one room can have about 20 of them.

Stanito capsule hotel spot© Stanito, 2013

Privacy is provided by the little curtain that closes the space

Stanito capsule hotel space© Stanito, 2013

I could fit perfectly well all my necessary stuff, plus I even had a TV

Stanito capsule hotel© Stanito, 2013

The capsule comes with everything in: Wi-fi, a kimono-looking-like-pijama, bottled water, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and even slippers. I had a Panasonic alarm inside as well and buttons to regulate light. In short, I had everything.

Walls are thin so be glad if your neighbors are quiete 🙂


10 thoughts on “Capsule Hotel in Tokyo

    1. Hi Ruzhi, thanks for stopping by. The hotel of this post is Asakusa Wasou Hotel and it was really awesome, neat and fresh, I had air conditioning and many other amenities

    1. Hi Leah 🙂 thanks for visiting.
      Yes it was very comfortable, I slept really well and didn’t suffer from heat as the whole place has AC.

  1. I read about these already. I assume they’re a good one time stay. What’s the price per night in Euro?

    I also read about 2 sq.m long-term rentals in Japan for the moneyless white collars, so looks like the Japanese can survive just anything 🙂

    1. Hi Alice, nice hearing from you 🙂
      You are absolutely correct, this hotel was perfect for a few days stay, it’s clean, spacious (against the appearance) and cheap: barely 15 euro per night.
      Japanese if they can’t survive on something they’ll make something up 🙂 clearly!

      1. 15 per night… I expected less actually. I think I paid the same for hostels with wifi in Paris and Bruges… on the other hand you are in your “private” space… Let’s hope I make it to Japan one day 🙂

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