Italian Decadence

Dear reader,
do you have any idea how much a lawyer of Berlusconi can earn?
Given the last estimates I found, his rail of trials and lawsuits have costed more than 300 million Euro, so yes, they earn pretty well.

 Berlusconi corna Stanito
Up till today Berlusconi is still on everyday’s front pages, and he has been able to do so thanks to his television empire, his accumulated wealth (and attached friends) and to his manipulative skills. These have been the powerful instruments of his success.

However, his most recent attempt to save his precious political life took him to the European Court in Strasbourg, to try avoid his decline or decadence as a senator. Even more, hoping that he’ll still be able to run for our next elections.

He seems determined to keep his roots under the Italian government seat. And if there ever was a thing that Italy certainly does not need is another government crisis that could jeopardize the already fragile “stability“. It’s important to use the “” because, who can talk about stability in Italy without looking down?
So, threatening Letta and his government, which includes several of Silvio’s buddies.

At 77 years old he should know by now that personal interests cannot be put before the country’s interests. But he continues to think so…


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