Vesuvio of Fiumicino!

Dear Reader,

sometimes the weirdest things happened in the most unlikely places. A mini volcano exploded in Fiumicino, close to my house in Ostia Antica. Since the event is surreal, I went there to check this volcano event straight away.
Check this out:

© Stanito, 2013

It all happened one day, three weeks ago in Fiumicino, next to Rome, when the headlines of local newspapers actually screamed “Mud volcano in Fiumicino exploded!”

And there it was, located in the middle of Viale del Lago di Traiano, in the center of a roundabout

 Volcano Fiumicino Stanito© Stanito, 2013

Volcano Fiumicino Stanito2© Stanito, 2013

As I got closer I saw lots of mud hot steam bubbling up from the hole. The noise was curious, and the air was filled with sulfur.

There was a man there, from Protezione Civile, who was happy to give us more information about this volcano:

Stanito: “Sir, can you please tell us about this eruption? I heard that it appeared three weeks ago and the hole has grown bigger since then”

Man: “Well young lady, it is what you see, a volcano full of mud”

Stanito: “But you being an expert, can you tell us more?”

Man: “What is it that you want to know? It appeared about 4 weeks ago, and yes, it’s bigger then then, stay back please, you see the sign?”

Stanito Volcano Fiumicino 3© Stanito, 2013

Stanito: “Oh wow, toxic gas! So this is serious stuff sir and so unusual! I never thought I’d see a volcano in Fiumicino, so unlikely!”

Man: “What? There’s nothing surprising about this…”

Stanito: “Nothing surprising? Fiumicino isn’t exactly a volcanic area… so it is unusual, sir”

Man: “Young lady, if you go to Ciampino, although years ago, something very similar happened there as well: mud and steam emissions. Ergo, Lazio can have volcanic features. This volcano in particular has components of carbon dioxide and methane”

Stanito: “… or maybe, something really strange happens near airports, sir, not necessarily involving the whole Lazio region, sir, because you just said Ciampino (airport area) and Fiumicino (another airport area), see? There must be something around airports that trigger these muddy emissions, what do you think?”

Man: “I think that I don’t have time now to keep answering questions! Bye bye!”

Not too satisfied, so I’ll keep digging for more.


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