Travel theme: Through

As Stanito is joining the Travel Theme “Through” contest, here are some of the best shots that nail the concept, starting with my drive from Rizokarpazo, Cyprus (North): 

Through storm cyprus stanito© Stanito, 2013

But the concept itself can be interpreted in many many ways, so… I’ll try to be creative! The following photo is named “Through the nose of Boss”, Boss being my brother’s horse, a very rare, sweet, lazy Palomino boy:

through Boss nose stanito© Stanito, 2012

But then, what if looking through Boss’s nose was not enough?
The following is a spider web I found in Cerveteri in January this year:

Stanito through spider net cerveteri© Stanito, 2013

And why not including a more romantic view of “Through”? The last photo is the St. Sava, a Serbian ortodox church in Beograd:

through the night stanito© Stanito, 2013

More info on the contest, click here.

Good luck Stanito!


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