Travel Theme: Relaxing

Dear reader,
Stanito is all about relaxing (or trying to relax), either at home or while traveling. For this reason we are joining the new weekly contest Relaxing! Plus work has been quite heavy lately, so relaxing has become our MUST every week.

So  relax, relaxing thoughts, relaxing views, and all while traveling. What’s the first idea that come to your mind?
To me is water. Either sea or river water, whatever, both are equally relaxing because of its colour, the sound and even its smell is relaxing.

The below photo was taking while I was driving from north Crete to the south coast, amazing wonderful drive through the mountains, and in the end you reach the other side of the island where you find this beautiful location called Elafonissi, traditionally the land of Artemis (there is in fact a tiny island with her name)

Elafonissi turquoise water Stanito© Stanito, 2012

Seems like the best looking waters belong to Greece. Below is a photo I took this year in Cyprus, south coast in a beach called Episkopi, near Paphos. Simply look at it…

Aphrodite sanctuary Paphos stanito© Stanito, 2013

But sometimes I can’t help to think more traditionally, so below is a photo of me having a wonderful nap after my university exam. Me and two friends departed that day to the south of Chile to enjoy and relax after much study and stress

Siesta stanito© Rommy_Castro, 2009

Water again, me and some friends sitting on a bench in Belgrade, in front of the Sava and Danube junction

Sava e Java juction Belgrade Stanito© Stanito, 2012

Below is a peaceful and relaxing view of two Palestinians riding their donkeys. I took this photo one morning when we were working on planting trees in Bethlehem

Masafr Al-Yatta in the Judean Desert Stanito© Stanito, 2012

Very relaxing art exposition I was invited in by a friend in Buenos Aires, the lady was performing a “Nature sound” art concept with our eyes shut. Truly relaxing

Art of Sound leaves Buenos Aires Stanito© Stanito, 2012

Sushi is always relaxing, so no need to explain further 🙂 I took this photo in Sacramento

Delicious sushi Stanito© Stanito, 2012

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