Art of North Korea

Dear reader,

below are some art works of North Korean artists advertised at the Chinese Dandong Gallery

Kim Song Sik Fortunate north korea stanitoFortunate by ©KimSongSik

Kim Hyon Myong Confrontation north korea stanitoControntation by ©KimHyonMyong

Kim Hak Rim Emergency Call north korea stanitoEmergency Call by ©KimHakRim

Hong Jae Chol By the Stream korean painting stanitoBy The Stream by ©HongJaeChol

For more paintings, click here:


3 thoughts on “Art of North Korea

  1. Thanks for sharing! How did you become interested in Northeast Asia in general, if I may ask? Having the cherubic baby walk on the fountain like that might be negligent, on the parents’ side. It looks mighty slippery…

    1. Hello Ju-won 🙂 nice hearing from you.
      I got interested in Asia in general during my childhood, my brother and I are big fans of Asian cultures like China, Japan, Korea, rich and so diverse. I guess that passion kept on growing 🙂
      On the baby walking, he is “fortunate” to have his parents holding him! Probably that’s how they came out with the photo title 😛

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