Trip to Mars: One-Way, so read the conditions carefully…

Dear reader,

the dream of many of us of traveling to Mars is becoming real. We can actually go there! But, please keep reading this article as the conditions in order to fly to Mars are… interesting.It all happened one rainy night, I was out with my good friend Papy at Eataly, trying really good organic food and probably the best chocolate I’ve ever had in my life (yes, I know, this is a huge statement).

At some point, having a tasteful beef and veggies:

Papy: “Hey! Did you hear that now we can go to Mars for real? I mean, regular people like us, we can go to Mars! No need to be an astronomer or working for NASA, we can apply to it and hopefully get the ticket to go. Isn’t that amazing?”

Me: “Wow, yes it is! Where do I sign? 😀 ”

Papy: “You have to apply to this Dutch company called Mars One. The only thing is that your return is not guaranteed…”

Me: “… huh?! Meaning?”

Papy: “Yeah, apparently you can go but there is not enough technology to return… So basically you just go, but can’t come back”

I couldn’t but start laughing 🙂 right after our dinner I had to dig into this brilliant idea.

©Mars One 2018 Lander Concept Art Bryan Versteeg and Mars One

The plan’s goal according to this Dutch company is to start a human settlement on Mars. Each trip mission will be streamed via internet. Anyone can apply and the application fee is only $6 billion.

This is the selection criteria for the volunteers:

–       Age: between 18 and 40 years old;

–       Physical condition: decent, good, strong enough to bear such trip (astronauts will serve as patron for comparison);

–       Prior to the mission: a 7 months training is required and it has to take place 7 years before departure;

–       Commitment: be willing to leave EVERTYTHING behind as there will be no return to Earth

–       Nº of people: each flight will carry no more than 2 males and 2 females;

Mars One Colony Concept The goal, if all goes well. Bryan Versteeg and Mars One

At arrival: passengers will find amenities such as living quarters with internet, food, and technology that will allow communication to Earth with a delay range of 6-20 minutes. There will be television as well.

It will all depend on the 2018 exploratory mission though, aimed to find enough resources for sustainable life. If that one is successful, then Mars One will be  ready to start the human colonization of Mars.

To you the conclusions. Want to apply? Seriously…? Click here and here


6 thoughts on “Trip to Mars: One-Way, so read the conditions carefully…

  1. I love your blog 🙂 I have heard that so far 200 000 people have applied for the trip to Mars. It is definitely an interesting project. Let’s see how it turns out. However, I would not be surprised if the project is delayed a few more years for safety concerns.

    1. Hey Papy! 🙂
      I know, impressive, 200,000 willing to go and never come back 🙂 that’s brave. Let’s see how things turn out.
      I’m dying to know what the human settlement will look like, you know? Will it have a huge glass-ball roof? That would be awe-some!

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