Diversions in Vegas That Are Not a Gamble

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So, there are diversions in Las Vegas that are not a gamble. Guest blogger of the week, Kendra Thornton, certainly nailed it and she gives us a refreshing view on how to have fun in the city of lights 🙂 

When I need a break from the sensory overload of the Las Vegas casinos and shows, the city offers plenty of other types of entertainment. There are fabulous sights to see and fun activities to engage in. Even if you want something that has less of a physical impact than strenuous exercise, Vegas has something to offer.

1: Drink It Up
I enjoy a good wine on occasion, but I’m pretty clueless about what makes a wine good. The Bellagio now offers a Master Sommelier’s Wine Classroom seminar on the third Wednesday of the month, for anyone who wants to really learn about wines. The classes are led by the Bellagio’s Director of Wine and are held in the Michael Mina restaurant. At the Monte Carlo, you can book a 2-hour class on mixology with the hotel’s Director of Beverages. If you ever wanted to learn the mysteries of making cocktails, here’s your chance.

The Mirage - Las Vegas with Kendra Thornton©Kendra, 2013

2: Wolf It Down
I’ve heard about food challenges in Las Vegas, but had not looked into them before now. What I found was overwhelming. The top of the heap is the 120-ounce steak challenge at Brand at the Monte Carlo, where if you eat it and 2 side dishes all by yourself, the monster steak is free. Also at the Monte Carlo, the Pub offers an 8-pound burger and 32 ounces of beer for free, if you can finish it in 45 minutes. The Diablo’s Cantina challenges you to eat 20 “Death Wings,” which I guess are chicken wings that are more than “hot.” At Wabo Cabo, there’s an 8-pound serving of nachos with toppings for free if 2 people can eat it all in 55 minutes or less.

3: Tap It In
I’ve always enjoyed miniature golf as a relaxing challenge, and Las Vegas has some unique challenges for the putt-putt golfer. Monster Mini Golf ® offers up a glow-in-the-dark indoor course featuring the rock band KISS. Tap that ball through Gene Simmons’ head for a hole in one. The Putt Park Miniature Golf Course offers up the only outdoor miniature course in Las Vegas, for those who love the sun. Back indoors, the King Putt Indoor Mini-Golf offers a black light, jungle themed environment for the mini-golfer.

Driving through Las Vegas with Kendra Thornton©Kendra, 2013

4: Check It Out
I definitely want to explore the landscape around Vegas on my next trip, and Pink Jeep Tours offers up some enticing packages. Once you get past the color of their vehicles, you realize they are far more comfortable and better adapted to rugged terrain than your own car. They can take you to see the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam, Zion National Park, Death Valley, or even show you the sights of the city of Las Vegas itself. And you don’t even have to do the driving!
Las Vegas is a one of a kind city with a huge number of hotels. With so much to see and do, sometimes it can be overwhelming to plan a trip. Sites like Gogobot make it easy to read user reviews so you can feel even more comfortable when you book your trip.


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