Photo of The Day: North Korean slot machines

Dear Reader,

this is a glance of my next coming post entitled “Entertaining time at Casino Pyongyang”. Yes, there are casinos in North Korea, just like there are restaurants, roller-coasters, parks, and many more things and places you normally find in your own country. The difference is, most of the places I mentioned are strictly reserved for foreigners and lucky for us they were all listed on our travel itinerary.

Lot of fun things, bowling, Chinese beer, lights and bright colors everywhere, but it’s the slot machines the ones that that got my attention. Like this one below inspired on my favorite Japanese anime/manga Hokuto No Ken (First of the North Star), located in Casino Pyongyang at the Yanggakdo Hotel.

North Korean Slot machine Stanito

Interestingly, the slot machines were made in China but used Japanese chips to work them. For a place like North Korea, the mix with Chinese and Japanese is not a gamble at all.


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