Flying on Air Koryo

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Nothing is more exciting and thrilling than flying on an internationally black-listed airline such as Air Koryo.
I know what you must be thinking “this girl is crazy”, but no! Flying with Air Koryo from Beijing is the only realistic way you can fly into North Korea‘s Pyongyang Sunan Intl. Airport. 

We flew on Air Koryo Antonov P-671 model

#myNorthKoreanadventure and this is only the beginning 🙂

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What is it known about Air Koryo? Probably not much. Air Koryo is the official state-run airline for North Korea, born in the 1950’s under the name of Sokao which stands for Soviet-North Korean airline, a way to propose a connection between Pyongyang and Moscow. Hence the Russian aircrafts series antonov and lusinov. Services were suspended during the Korean War but then resumed in the 1970’s. Officially banned in Europe and US after they found evidence of serious safety issues and blacklisted, Air Koryo is just like any other good underrated airline. One the world’s few 1-star airlines. It doesn’t have milage run nor belongs to a worldwide frequent flyer program, but still, it’s worth try and fly with them. Here is why:

On board you will find friendly and smiley flight attendants

air koryo flight attendants stanito

Basic things like safety instructions

Safety instructions Air Koryo Stanito

and sickness bag

air sickness bag air koryo

The flight attendants will pass by to give you interesting on-board reading material. For us it was the Korea Today Magazine, issue Juche 102, filled with business and technology news, even bilateral trade opportunities and links if you will.

Reading material during our flight

The only downside of the my flight was food, probably. And not even that bad, just a bit poor. Our menú: soy burger

Soy burger air koryo Stanito

Other than that, is was all good, even the on-screen entertainment, shows with revolutionary marching music

On-screen show air koryo stanito

Unique experience guaranteed. Adding to this, as soon as we landed we had our luggage right there waiting for us.


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