Photo of The Day: Pedro the Iguana

Dear Reader,
Stanito has officially moved to Mexico and our first stop was Yelapa town. And here is where i met and petted the first iguana. Pedro the Iguana.
He came on top of Mr. Juan shoulder while walking along the beach.


I never touched an iguana before, they initially look creepy and slimy, so I honestly didn’t know what to expect.
He’s the friendliest iguana ever, goes on to your shoulder, let’s you pet it and he poses for pictures. First impression? Cold and weird, he barely moved as he stayed quietly in my arms.
Once he’s done he will lay on the beach in all tranquillity.


A curiosity about this kind of iguanas is that they have a “third eye” which is seen on top of their head. It contains a lens and a retina-like structure that connects the nerves to the pineal gland in the brain.
Although it does not form images, it is very important for iguanas as it regulates the hormones instead of their  sight.


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