The Onion Valley, CA

Dear Reader,
Stanito is very fond of good food and spices that enrich flavors. Being Italian and Chilean this becomes a pretty obvious treat.
So when Mr. Ames told her that on our road trip there would be a place called Onion Valley, Stanito’s eyes sparkled of joy.

A view of Onion Valley, 5 July 2015

Onion Valley is located in Northern California in the Plumas County and few miles north of Gibsonville, close to Pilot Peak. The elevation is about 9,000 ft.
The name is curious, it was discovered in 1850 by some 100 visitors who named it after having seen the wild onions carpeting the valley. They came here looking for gold, of course, and only a year later, 1851, the rich diggins increased the population to 1,500 people. They explored the gold but not the onions… so Stanito hoped to find some.
Unfortunately, we couldn’t find them this time …


One thought on “The Onion Valley, CA

  1. This is a US curiosity that I have not seen elsewhere. Gilroy, CA is garlic capital of the world. Gilroy is the site of an annual festival celebrating the garlic, that I’ve been told is a lot of fun. Elba, NY is the union capital of the world. Cordele, GA is watermelon capital of the world. The list goes on. The state of Florida considers itself the orange capital of the world. These titles are all self-proclaimed. There is even a Bicycle Capital of the World, Davis, CA.

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