Welcome to the Republic of Molossia: the best micro-nation in the world

Dear Reader,

Did you know that the desolate and dry plains of Nevada hide a true gem that no one knows of? A new country within a country! This is real and totally possible, dear Reader. The name is Republic of Molossia, the very first self-proclaimed sovereign country within the United States, governed by His Excellency Kevin Baugh. Welcome to Molossia Stanito

His Excellency, President Kevin Baugh of Molossia

The Republic of Molossia is a grand micro-nation and self declared sovereign state located in the state of Nevada. Founded on May 26th 1977 it was first known as the Grand Republic of Vuldstein and it was located in Oregon until 1999. Petite, curious and unique, Molossia has its own history, its own currency, its own rules and regulations

Molossia Bulletin of Customs Regulation
Molossia Bulletin of Customs Regulation

its own post office, borders, culture and everything else you expect to find in a respectable nation.

Molossia Valora currency Stanito
Molossia has its own currency, the Valora, and the exchange rates with Euro and US Dollar is properly displayed

Here is the welcome message from His Excellency:

Greetings! I would like to wish you a very warm welcome and assure you that I am delighted that you have chosen to visit our official Molossian Website. This site is an important connection to the world, a link transcending the barriers of distance and helping me to fulfill my commitment to the Molossian people to use the office of President to reach out to others. I hope that it will be particularly helpful in educating the world about our nation. This virtual space will be a place where individuals and groups from many different cultures backgrounds and traditions will be able to learn about Molossia; our culture, our history, our government and our people. As one of the smallest nations on Earth, Molossia has a rich heritage and ever-expanding role on the international scene. A bright future lies ahead of us, and by visiting our website you are part of that destiny. I hope that this site will serve as an invaluable information resource on Molossia, in its unique place in the international world of today. Enjoy your visit! The Republic of Molossia is no different from any other sovereign country that you know

As Stanito loves to give advice and travel tips, here are few things you should know prior your visit to the Republic of Molossia:

  1. Visits are allowed by appointment only and arranged in advance. President Kevin Baugh will be delighted to give you a complete tour of his 11.3-acre country accompanied by his constable chief, Alexia.
  2. Customs formalities and entry customs rules are simple and are displayed on the Molossia-United States border.
  3. Passports are not necessarily required to enter Molossia but if you have one it will be stamped upon entry. Other than a valid passport in hand, there are no other visa requirements.
  4. Permission to visit is granted by His Excellency, who reserves the right to refuse or accept the visitor’s petition.
  5. Visa allows visitors to enter as tourist for a maximum of three hours after customs control. Visitors without permission are not allowed.
  6. Foreign nationals are not allowed to take up employment and/or residence within the Republic of Molossia.
  7. Foreign nationals cannot apply for citizenship in the Republic. Citizenship is reserved to residents of the Republic only.
  8. The following items are prohibited in the Republic of Molossia: ammunitions, drugs, tobacco, explosives, fire weapons, incandescent lightbulbs, plastic shopping bags, Catfish, “Fresh” Spinach, Missionaries and salesmen, onions and Walruses are also all prohibited. And finally, ANYTHING from Texas is also forbidden to enter Molossia.

For further information and exciting news and discoveries on the Republic of Molossia, stay tuned as our next post will cover the entire tour of this grand little nation! 🙂 Molossia President Stanito Travel Buddy

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13 thoughts on “Welcome to the Republic of Molossia: the best micro-nation in the world

    1. Dear Michu thank you for your comment 🙂
      His Excellency is quite proud of his official documents and it took a while to get this info 🙂 you’ll find out about the Molossia passport on my next post.
      As per spinach, His Excellency is in fact a dictator, a dictator who dislikes things or anything from Texas. I presume he somehow doesn’t like spinach…

  1. I’m a little confused. Is this micro nation actually recognized? Is the ruler a bit… eccentric? Looking forward to reading more about it in your next post.

    1. Hello Ava 🙂 thank you for stopping by!

      Ok here’s the thing about micro-nations: they’re almost never recognised by any country. Some of are acknowledged but they don’t hold any official status.
      There are many around the world (Lonely Planet has a whole volume just about them) and Molossia is one the most famous ones.
      The rules is like you said, very eccentric and constantly in character. Hilarious person and fun to visit 🙂 it was really worth the while. Have you heard of him before?

    1. Hi Rob,
      Thank you so much for your comment 🙂
      Hi Excellency indeed has an interesting life and he travels around on diplomatic missions and perhaps solving conflicts (he’s currently at war with West Germany micro-nation located in Cuba).
      You can follow his lead (something I’ve been pondering for a while), so why not check the Montevideo Convention dated 1933 with the necessary articles meant to create a nation?
      After that according to Wiki it only takes 12 steps to create your own country 🙂


  2. Haha holy moly! This is funny until I realise it’s an actual thing and these people exist. It would be interesting to have a look around for sure just for the fun of it. I visited a similar place in Vilnius, but instead of “His Excellence”, the place was “governed” democratically without discrimination to poor walrus and uncooked spinach haha!

    1. Hi Kreete 🙂 thanks for your comment.
      Indeed these places are real! And there are many of them. They are peculiar and hilarious, very much worth the visit.
      So you have micro nations in Estonia?
      One of my dreams is to find the ones in the middle-east, there is one in fact in Israel that I would very much like to find if I’m able to fly there again.
      Btw, nice blog you have 🙂

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