Cool Passport Stamps: Molossia and Northern Cyprus

Dear Reader,

As you probably know, Stanito loves collecting passport stamps that are unique or else very difficult to obtain (sometimes impossible, like the North Korean one).

His Excellency Kevin Baugh, President of the Republic of Molossia, stamped Stanito’s and Travel Buddy’s passports right at the border with the United States: 

Molossia Passport Stamp Stanito
Molossia stamp on Stanito’s passport. No question was asked when leaving the USA and arriving in Mexico.

For Stanito, and many travelers around the world, a passport stamp is like winning a medal of honor, a source of pride: they are the proof of places I explored, adventures, lessons learned, they show where I’ve been. What I’ve seen around the world.

Macchu Picchu passport stamp from a historical shrine. Not mine, from Google.

Countries, micro-nations, unrecognised territories, you name it, there is a huge variety of stamps around the world. Passport stamps are a romantic reminder of my time on the road

Here is the Stanito's passport stamp from Northern Cyprus
Here is the Stanito’s passport stamp from Northern Cyprus. Notice how the US (Miami) stamp is right below it. At the time, no question was raised on the N. C. stamp.

Some say that your passport, being an official government document, could be voided, or in theory, an immigration official could refuse to admit you if they believed that it was a signal the document was in any way invalid.

In practical terms, there are many places in the world that issue many unofficial stamps in iconic world locations.

The question I often hear of is: Is it safe to have a passport stamp of places like Molossia, Northern Cyprus or Akhzivland?

My answer is: definitely yes. Most people at immigration will not pay any attention to these stamps. Honestly, most people won’t even know what Molossia or Northern Cyprus are. If they paid attention you might get a confused look but that’s it.

Did I ruin my passport by having an unrecognised territory stamp on it? 
Definitely not. At least that’s my case.

The matter changes if the stamp in question is controversial in some countries. The US Homeland Security Customs and Border Protection is famous for having strict immigration rules. If you come towards with stamps from Afghanistan or Syria or Iraq you might be given a hard time before being admitted. Same thing happens if you have an Israeli stamp and you’re traveling to Arab countries. In this particular case it is a fact that the Israeli Immigration will not impose the stamp on your passport if you ask them not to.

Here is a link of very cool passport old-fashioned passport stamps that are now replaced by electronic entry procedures.


4 thoughts on “Cool Passport Stamps: Molossia and Northern Cyprus

  1. i love getting stamps in my passport but to many places are stopping it with the e-gates 😦 but my passport is a tad tricky and sometimes doesn’t work. which is good in some cases as i can then see a person and get a stamp.

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