Paris and Toilet Paper

Dear Reader,

Paris is a beautiful city famous for many things, facts, art, etc. In spite of the many things and places I’ve seen, one thing really captured my attention one day when walking around with friends: toilet paper.
Yes, Dear Reader, French people use toilet paper so get rid of that myth. In fact you not only find regular white paper, but a whole collection of strangely-themed paper! Coloured, scented, themed, you name it.

In Paris you find the weirdest and funniest kinds of toilet paper. In fact, pink toilet paper is way more popular than the regular white paper.

Stanito in front of bright-colored rolls of toilet paper

Bored during nature call? Have a sudoku session then to kill the time

…and Sudoku-themed rolls, because coloured rolls aren’t fun enough

There doesn’t seem to be a precise purpose for it (you can also find scented paper) so it is just a peculiarity you can find in Paris. The Sudoku roll contains a hundred sheets printed with Sudoku grids ALL different from each other. If you want and you’re into it, you can spend hours solving Sudoku puzzles!

Don’t forget though the primary use of it: still topical…


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