The Molossian Passport

Dear Reader,

You probably didn’t believe me when I told you about Molossia… and maybe when I showed you the pictures you were still bewildered by them 🙂 I guess that’s normal, you don’t hear everyday the word micro-nation.

Molossia is a real micro-nation inside a nation and it has been since 1977.

As any other respectable country that there is, Molossia issue official passports. In exclusive for Travel with Stanito, here is His Excellency Kevin Baugh’s passport front page

Molossia Passport Front Stanito

It resembles the Italian ID card in a way.
The Personal Details page. Note how the Republic of Molossia established Esperanto as one of the official languages together with English. Next is the visa page

Molossia Passport Stanito

Inside the passport there two pages dedicated to picture of the holder and a Laissez-Passer message on the left accompanied by Molossia’s official golden stamp

Molossia Passport Details Stanito

I still consider the Italian passport to be friendliest passport on Earth, however, if I go to tricky places I’ll be very happy to sport  a Molossian. I can only imagine how fun it will be to look at the Immigration people confused by the name Molossia 🙂 and probably trying to map it up as an African country.

However, it will not be possible to hold this passport as it is strictly reserved to the Royal family only, same as with the citizenship.


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