Virginia City gems: The Ponderosa Saloon Mine Tour

Dear Reader,

Virginia City is truly enchanting… it’s like jumping back in time to the old mining for gold and silver days.

On our trip towards Northern California, Travel Buddy and I stopped at this lovely town as a vivid suggestion of Mr. Ames and His Excellency Kevin Baugh. His Excellency advised us to have a nice burger at the Ponderosa Saloon and then sign up for the Underground Mine Tour.

This is the saloon

Ponderosa Saloon entrance on the main road

Mines and tours are particularly popular here (and there are so many!) because back in the 1850’s Virginia City was riddled with tunnels dug by miners seeking gold and silver.

The entrance to the mine looks impressive with the wooden beams placed irregularly

Back then the Best & Belcher mine was a defunct mine so the owners of the Ponderosa Saloon saw as a possible touristic attraction if they could find a way  to reach it from their bar. They then started digging a shaft  and tunnels from the bar all the way to the dead mine.

Miner-Stanito is activating some old and rusty drilling device. Probably not a good idea…

The mine isn’t particularly long and the tour covers only a small portion of it. It is basically what you can expect from a Far West mine, very dark, filled with wooden beams that hang very low (you should always watch out even with your yellow mine hat), humid and fresh.

Stanito is reaching the last part of the tour which leads to a barred dead end of the tunnel. Beyond that point it is not safe to go as the roof is unstable.

It is indeed a very cute experience 🙂 worth the 8 dollars. It’s a must-do.


4 thoughts on “Virginia City gems: The Ponderosa Saloon Mine Tour

    1. It’s rally nice, Frank 🙂
      oh there was a tv show on this? that’s fun.
      Anyway I really recommend stopping by Virginia City, truly enchanting…

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