The Underground Napoli

Dear Reader,
Did you know that Napoli or Naples is built on tuff? For the past 2,500 years, residents have made use of this tuff, from the ancient Greeks on up to today, by digging chambers and passageways beneath the city.
Tuff, a soft yellow volcanic stone, preserves the history from the very foundation of Napoli to the WWII bombings.
Today, Naples’ subterranean city, 40 meters below street level, include everything from ancient Greek aqueducts to pagan burial chambers.



Hollowed out of the volcanic tuff stone by the 4th Century Greeks, they used the stone to build the city’s walls and temples and the excavations as a burial ground. Sometimes simply caves, sometimes barely passable even for one person, the labyrinth leads to big cisterns that were part of the Roman aqueduct system and later used as a WWII air raid shelter, and squeezing through a narrow tunnel guided only by the light of candles.



Napoli_naples_undeground_stanito2 Napoli_naples_underground_stanito

to World War II air raid shelters

Napoli_naples_undeground_wwii_shelter Napoli_naples_undeground_wwii_shelter1 Napoli_naples_undeground_wwii_shelter2

More stories of WWII in my next post 🙂


5 thoughts on “The Underground Napoli

  1. My husband lived in Naples while he was in the Navy. I’ll have to show him this when he gets home. Wonder if he ever got to see this in person. Great pics all around. Keep ’em coming!

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