Sad Temple of Apollo

Dear Reader,

Seems such a pity that an important mythological figure such as Apollo has only two columns left in his temple.

The remains of the Temple of Apollo Hylates found in Kourion, close to Paphos. Photo credit: Stanito

As it happened in many other places (Libya, Ancient Rome, Syria, Babilonia) many local gods were later transliterated into their Greek correspondent. Some god named Hylates was a Cypriot god of the Woodlands. In later époque the name was added as suffix for Apollo, Greek god of Musics and Arts.

I don’t mean to add any divine gossip here, but I do have to tell you, Dear Reader, that Apollo was one of the most fierce and vengeful gods. He stroke humans for nuisances. Imagine how he would react when seeing these two standing columns as the remains of his sanctuary…


2 thoughts on “Sad Temple of Apollo

  1. Dear Stanito 🙂

    The great devourer time devours everything 🙂

    We are sharing these ideas and love but it would all be lost in a mysterious fog one day 🙂

    I find it peculiar that a God for Arts and Music is ferocious. Art and Music flow from heart so should he not be a melo heart–a sensitive and nurturing God?


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