The Mafia Saints of Italy

Dear Reader,

One of my home countries, Italy, is a true gem of culture and surprises altogether. Italy is home to things that happen almost ONLY there.

If you’re traveling to Italy you should know that Religion plays a phenomenal role as powerful people often turn out to be venerated as saints once they pass away. It has happened in Napoli, it has happened in the south of Italy and now it happened in Rome.

Today is the case of Vittorio Casamonica. Vittorio Casamonica was the head of the mafia family and of the homonymous criminal clan. They are big in drug dealing and usury, and unsurprisingly they have never been convicted even though they are known to most people as one of the four main famiglie who rule the drugs and racket underworld of Rome.

Thing is, Dear Reader, Vittorio Casamonica passed away on Wednesday night and his funeral has attracted the viral attention of the media and widespread criticism from people in general. The family never seemed to hide their lavish lifestyle and even for the funeral they paraded their black horses carriages and Rolls-Royce:

Copyright: La Repubblica
Copyright: La Repubblica
Copyright: La Repubblica
Copyright: La Repubblica
Copyright: La Repubblica
Copyright: La Repubblica
Copyright: La Repubblica


On August 20th the Italian media gave plenty of coverage on the sumptuous funeral for Vittorio Casamonica. The Godfather music in the background, lavish carriage, Rolls-Royce, helicopter throwing rose petals, all in the San Giovanni Bosco cathedral, south east area of Rome where the clan used to have its biggest activity.

This is how mafia bosses are regarded. Still.


8 thoughts on “The Mafia Saints of Italy

    1. Hello José 🙂 pleased to meet you over here!
      Hahahaha Italian mafia is known, I was hoping a nice country like Canada could be exempted from mafia but seems like I’m wrong.
      Even in Mexico they venerate war and drug lords like saints, so the Italian style is spread all over the continent.
      Where about from Canada are you?

      1. I’m on the West Coast, in Vancouver, BC, I was born in Montreal, Quebec and the Italian mob was notorious there, not so much on the west coast, but the East for sure!

          1. I love BC…I would never go back to live East…the culture here is friendlier, more accepting and the beauty is absolutely amazing! I love living here…even though I’ll never be able to afford to buy a house…I’d totally give up that luxury to live here… 🙂

          2. That’s lovely 🙂 I loved BC as well and you’re completely right when you say it is very different from the East side, attitude, lifestyle, many things are totally different.

  1. I love italian cuisine and culture. Would love to visit someday. It’s a nice piece. Consecration of mafia leaders is a tradition only in Italy I suppose. Did you attend any such ceremonies?

    I feel you have a very mixed cultural influence on your upbringing.

    Anand 🙂

  2. I love Italy having the good fortune to have visited Rome, Florence, Venice, the Italuan Lakes and Positano several years ago. The beauty, food and people are wonderful. In regards to Saints…although I am not very religious (grew up Catholic) I love the legend of St. Padre Pio and his simple motto “don’t worry.” I saw a documentary on his life and found it fascinating (the scent of roses which linger when one is said to have seen him). Wonderful blog!

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