Mexico City from Up in the Air

Dear Reader,
Flying over Mexico City is always an incredible experience. This is the most populous city in Mexico, its capital, and one of the most populous cities in the world ranking as #4. Mexico City, the Distrito Federal, holds about 22 million people that occupy endless rings of homes. It’s a megalopolis, indeed. The incessant population and its lack of infrastructure makes it inevitable that buildings and houses sprawl everywhere, taking on hills and flatlands.

Mexico City is also extremely polluted and fog often mixes itself in around the mountain peeks and flatlands.

Mexico_City_sky_view_stanito_above_1 Mexico_City_sky_view_stanito_above_2 Mexico_City_sky_view_stanito_above_3 Mexico_City_sky_view_stanito_above_5 Mexico_City_sky_view_stanito_above_6 Mexico_City_sky_view_stanito_above_7

And this is only a teeny tiny portion of this enormous city…


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