Let’s Protect What’s OURS

Dear Reader,

Galapagos makes an effort to protect wildlife even if sometimes things don’t work out as expected. Here is the story of a Mexican man who tried to smuggle iguanas out of Galapagos.

The rules are very simple, dear Reader: if you go to Galapagos make sure to comply with the following:

1- Never steal rocks, stones or sand. Imagine if every tourist did that, the island would be completely barren…


2- Never upset the animals you see around towns, at the sea sides, in the woods and even in the reserves. I saw a sea lion angrily grabbing a girl hair because she approached and annoyed it too much with her almost-1-hundred selfies. Well deserved I say. They are not there to entertain you, they are there because the islands and sea surrounding them is their home.

About sea lions, I have to say, I have seen in several countries around the world but never have I seen them so close to me and so friendly. Galapagos is filled with sea lions and iguanas in such way that you literally need to watch where you step and try to avoid stepping on iguanas tails or sea lions which at night they blend in with rocks.

I have never seen a place where nature and wild life take over every corner 🙂

… everywhere 🙂
Remember what I said about sea lions sleeping on rocks at night? Well as inviting as it is to walk on the beach at night, just be aware of this situation 🙂
Just walk through silently.
Travel buddy is demonstrating how many iguanas you may encounter on your path 🙂

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