Lava Tunnels of Galapagos

Dear Reader,

If you have been following my adventures up to this very day you should know that Stanito staff never hit crowded touristic places nor those places that you can easily track on internet with thousands of photos.
However, when I do find myself in one of those countries it is my strict policy to find an Off the Beaten Path attraction to it. It happened in Italy and now it’s time to find it in Galapagos 🙂

If you go to Galapagos, dear Reader, you certainly think of paradisiac beaches, tropical forests and tons of lovely animals wandering around you as I already showed before here and on my Instagram page.
However, it is possible to find spots that are off the beaten path. In fact, Galapagos has some spots to offer aside from sea fun activities.
One of these spots are the set of lava tunnels. Lava_tunnel_galapagos_stanito

Because the Galapagos Islands are located on the Nazca Tectonic Plate which keeps moving southeast under the South American Plate and therefore becoming a hotspot filled with volcanic activities.

The archipelago is over 80′ million years old and several island have already succumbed to volcanic activities. The newest islands are Isabela and Fernandina where you can still see lava flowing down.

Santa Cruz is the ideal island to spot the remains of lava flows, in fact, here lava perforated Santa Cruz creating underground tunnels that extend for several kilometres.

In these tunnels when lava surface cooled down it eventually hardened into thick rock walls, providing insulation to keep the flow going inside; in time the inside flow collapsed and left emptiness big enough to walk down.


One tunnel is lit up so it is easy to walk along it

The other one, the Love Tunnel, is very much unexplored and part of it collapsed. There’s no light so you need a torch with you and good rubber boots.


Here you can admire in detail how the lava flow carved the underground creating sensational rock-strata formation.

2 thoughts on “Lava Tunnels of Galapagos

  1. Extraordinary worm holes from hotter times – nice life you have searching these unusual places. Greetings from my faraway place on the curve of the earth

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