Lady in Red of Tianjin

Dear Reader,

Riccio, Mr. Ames and I were tired of Beijing… We had seen the most important sites but crowds and heat truly took a toll on us. So one night Mr. Ames says “Beijing is not working for us, lets go to Tianjin for the day”. And so we did.
Thing is humidity and heat were everywhere but at least we escaped the unbearable crowds.
The humidity we found that day in Tianjin was truly appalling… just look at the air to have an idea of how thick humidity was that day in this port-town close to Beijing.

However, romance finds its way even in these conditions. We spotted several newlywed couples posing for pictures. Here is my favourite one, the lady dressed in red.

What you see in the background is the Bei’an Bridge 北安桥, built in the 1970’s inspired by the Pont Alexandre III in Paris. At first glance, it would be easy to assume that it were left over from the colonial era, particularly as it is situated just meters from the old Italian Concession.

I’m glad she didn’t mind me and Riccio taking her photo from so close, they just looked so beautiful.

lady_red_wedding_tianjin_beijing_china_stanito_1As a side note: not much of the old town of Tianjin is left to see. More on Tianjin on my next post!


2 thoughts on “Lady in Red of Tianjin

  1. Would recommend the trip out to Tianjin for anyone that grows weary of the crowds and scams in Beijing… The train on the journey out there hits speeds in excess of 300 km/h which is an interesting experience in and of itself. However, once one arrives, it is also refreshing to not see a single Western tourist in sight. Tianjin gives a far more accurate sense of what China is really like and where it is going (including the bulldozing of the ancient and historically significant city center to make way for modern offices and condos) as Stanito alluded to.

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