A girl at the Italian Military Airplane Space

Dear Reader,

Few weeks ago a fellow Reader asked me about old Italian military aircraft and I thought to myself, if you like Italian military and war “stuff” then this is the place for you 🙂
It is regarded as the oldest military museum in Italy and Stanito spotted it for you.

Stanito is posing in front of a single-seat FIAT aircraft built in 1933. 

You’re probably wondering why would I want to visit this place… Thing is that I have “a thing” for war items especially if I can see them dissected. In fact here for the first time in my life I saw a missile and aircraft wing totally opened. Fascinating 🙂
Anyway, the museum collects aircrafts and engines that represent the evolution of aviation in Italy. But it also houses important collections related to photographic equipment, radio equipment, weapons, on-board equipment, both individual and collective.

Among the activities that relate to the museum is the recovery and restoration of historic aircraft in order to preserve the national heritage aircraft.

Travel buddy in front of a Grumman S2F-1 Tracker aircraft.

It’s built and exposed on four large exhibition hangars with a collection of more than 60 aircraft, engines and memorabilia that take you back in time and tell you about the history of the Italian military aviation and the men who led to its prominence.

The first hangar you see as you enter the museum is the one dedicated to the Pioneers, the Airships, the First World War (hangar Troster, as soon as you enter on your right side)


Then you’ll find the epic North Pole flight aircraft of General Nobile, the Large Cruise Massa, the Schneider Cup, more aircrafts between the two Wars (hangar Velo), the Second World War and the great airplanes (hangar Badoni), to finish with the last pavilion illustrating the post-war revival of Italian Air Force, which includes jet aircraft from a more contemporary stage (hangar Skema).

How cool is it? 🙂 Happy Sunday!


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