The Biggest Christmas Tree in the World!

Dear Reader,
yes, the biggest tree in the world is not the one in Washington DC White House’s President Park but… in Gubbio, Umbria!


That’s right, Italians hold the record for the biggest Christmas tree which is drawn on the  side of Mount Ingino since the year 1981.

The tree is 450 mts wide and 750 mts tall which is, in simple words, about 3 soccer fields big. You might not see the bottom as it is cleverly hidden behind the ancient city walls 🙂

It is constellated by 800 coloured Christmasy lights scattered along the slopes of Mount Ingino

At the top of the mount you see a comet of about 1000 square mts designed by over 250 lights

The entire installation and electric connections need approximately 7,500 metres of electrical cables to light upGubbio_biggest_christmas_tree_umbria_italy_stanito_2

Every year a group of people takes about 1,300 hours of work to assemble all the lights, to run cables and provide for their connections.

When it’s time to take the whole tree off it takes about 900 hours to to remove everything, maintenance and re-stock than previously installed.



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