The Change of Guards

Dear Reader,

I was told “You have to watch the change of guards, you can’t miss that!” as I sipped hot chocolate in Prague for breakfast. I replied “Why?”
Then it hit me. It was freezing cold outside that day, probably below -4 °c and still, Prague is meant to be seen in cold winter so armed we were and ready to see this supposedly famous change of guard 🙂

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We took the day easy as the Castle of Prague is quite big and filled with stunning pieces of art. But at 12 o’clock on the dock we were ready at the entrance of Castle of Prague to watch the Changing Guards ceremony.

It takes place in the first courtyard of the Prague Castle every day at 12:00 o’clock. The ceremony depicts the formal handover carried out with a fanfare and banner exchange.

Look at the entire ceremony 🙂 apologies for any noise you hear in the background. My mother was commenting the event and couldn’t stay quiet.

You might these are ordinary soldiers… but in fact is that the service members are carefully chosen from the Czech army under many criteria:

  • all candidates must be members of the professional Czech army, which means that they have to have good health and be in an excellent physical condition;
  • they also have to have a certain height and cannot be overweight;
  • bodily decoration (piercing, tattoos or a moustache and beard) are forbidden;
  • they have to keep a clear hair cut;
  • they cannot wear glasses etc. This division has 660 members and their duty is to secure the safety of the president as well of the whole country.



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