Pyongyang is a Statement

Dear Reader,
These are some of the photos I took of Pyongyang, North Korea, which means ‘flat land’, an ideological statement forged in concrete, bronze and marble. A totalitarian metropolis, built almost entirely from scratch following its destruction in the Korean War, Pyongyang is a fascinating yet simultaneously inaccessible place, so inimaginable and hardly accessible where people walk by on the streets dressed as from the 1940’s.

Every visit to North Korea focuses heavily on the capital, it’s monuments and its historical proud spots. Even their maternity hospital is a ‘must’.

And yet, while these are all impressive, the real delights of Pyongyang are found in the quieter moments when you can get glimpses of everyday life. As you wander the streets between sights, you’ll still be able to find a semblance of normality surviving in the capital. You just have to look hard for it because you will perceive that people are not keen on engaging with foreigners.









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