It’s Bat time!

Dear Reader,

Stanito’s staff (Stanito and Travel Buddy Chris) is currently on the road in southern Mexico driving through Yucatan, Quintana Roo and Campeche looking for new adventures, new crazy places and weird ones as well.
As the road trip continues, we have encountered many interesting phenomena: this Sunday I want to share with you the most incredible yet creepiest sight ever.

In Campeche, in the middle of the jungle there’s a cave.

This cave.


It doesn’t have a name so it’s just known as the Bat Cave.
It is easy to find thanks to the appropriate sign on the road

So let’s see what happens here every evening at dusk, check it out:


It is locally known es la nube negra (the black cloud) because an estimated 3 million bats emerge from this cave in an endless whirling fashion.


When you stand on the edge of the cliff you can actually feel the wind from their wings and winding flight.
It is an incredible and creepy spectacle like nothing else.
Even though these bats are harmless to human, I couldn’t hide my horror and fear every time one of them flew right next to me.

Beautiful and creepy mother nature.


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