The Mysterious Stone Balls

Dear Reader,

Not long ago I heard these words from Travel Buddy Chris:
“There are giant mysterious stone balls somewhere in Jalisco, perfectly round and lying in a great bed of volcanic ash”

I had to see these strange stone balls! So off we went to Ahualulco…

It all happened on a very hot Sunday as summer basically persists the entire year here. We set to driving towards Ahualulco, the little town in the middle of nowhere, essentially, until we reached the stone balls right in front of our eyes…

Dear Reader, just look at them. They are perfectly round stone balls. My research led me to ask around to local people as in how can this be!

Rumor has it they had been shot into the air from inside the Tequila Volcano and then crashed into the ground of this hill. This is the basic theory I found.

Most of the stone balls I found in this site range from 1 to 2 metres in diameter, many of them are still buried into the ground while others are completely exposing their spherical shape.



There might be a theory explaining such perfect shape dated back in 1968. A geographer whose I don’t know suggested that the composition of this balls consisted on crystallised ash surrounding nuclei of lava fragments, which eventually produced boulders of rhyolite.

This happened 10-11 million years ago. The Tequila Volcano erupted causing a deluge of glassy fragments of molten lava and ash, together with large quantities of volcanic gas trapped in the mixture. The mixture was most likely very very hot.

As the mixture cooled down, the existing glassy fragments formed nuclei around which much of the remainder of the material crystallised, as we explained it before.

There are people, however, who dare to interfere with a more magical explanation as many are skeptical about this volcanic process leading to such perfect spheres…

Your thoughts?


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