Travel gadgets

Dear Reader,

Since i was a kid I’ve had a thing for electronic devices and gadgets. Oh, and they have to be Japanese otherwise they won’t look as cool and fun. Remember that Japan held the hi-tech top 1 for decades so for us kids growing up with Casio and Panasonic cute games was normal.

So I had a Tamagotchi once or twice


And I still have my Nintendo 3DS


When I started traveling the way I do I thought I needed reliable devices that would support me on audio and video experience. This obviously meant to be more efficient and practical which automatically means being able able to carry less weight, especially if you go to sporty places.

So this is my selection of essentials on my adventures:

My dictaphone. Fundamental when I need to record people speaking, whether they are aware of it or not. Many times I don’t have time to sit down and write what people are telling me so this device is a quick fix for it. Recommended if you go to conflicted places to record people experiences and testimonials.

Then the most important one: my camera. You need a good camera to frame the best places. This camera in particular is very good quality so I end up happy with the photos I take with it.
In case I go to sporty places where the sight of a camera is not very welcome, I also take my smartphone, which makes it easier and quick to snap those special moments


And my travel diary, which doesn’t count because it’s not electronic.

All the rest is secondary 🙂


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