Only in Tunisia

Dear Reader,

Continuing our search for crazy driving things around the world, today’s post is about my experience of driving in Tunisia. It was very fun and curious.

This is what I saw:

There was a truck carrying pallets and it was visibly tilted on the side.

If you haven‘t ever driven in a non-Western country before, driving in Tunisia can certainly be an interesting experience. Drivers take the view that road rules, traffic signs and traffic signals are an interesting thing which bears very little relation to actually driving.

Drivers seem to ignore regulations, even when police are clearly visible at the crossroads. They don‘t seem to care about which side of the road they drive on half the time 🙂 on occasion you might see three people riding on a bike, and why not, maybe even enjoying a cigarette on the way 🙂

Pedestrians have right of way, which many take as a license to wander into traffic without giving much indication that they‘re about to do so.

Pedestrians also enjoy running between traffic, and they do it even on major highways.

People who ride bicycles, motorcycles, and motor scooters, take this attitude to new levels and will regularly weave through traffic attempting to squeeze through incredibly narrow spaces at high speeds.

Tunisia has a high number of police and military checkpoints, and if you come across one of these be sensible and approach slowly. Speeding towards a checkpoint is a good way to make several men with automatic weapons very nervous indeed. Checkpoint authorities tend to be polite to foreign travellers, but you must be ready to present photo ID upon request and they may detain you if you don‘t have it, particularly if you are near one of the more troubled border regions.

I had to slow down because I literally didn’t want to be right next to it…

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