The Church that survived Lava

Dear Reader,

In the area of Angahuan, an indigenous town lost in the middle of Michoacan, lies a particular church.

It is the San Juan sanctuary of Paricutin.


Built in the 14th century, the Sanctuary of San Juan de Paricutín was beautiful, always looked after and transited by hundreds of believers.

A sea of lava; l25 km of barren land where sight only reaches the edges of volcanic sharp formations. In the distance there is only one thing you can spot: a unique majestic church tower, the only survivor of a tremendous volcanic eruption that erased an entire village in 1945.


The town is gone, but the church remained, standing upright and insolent like an island in its particular ocean of lava, to remind visitors that the lava field that are standing on covered what used to be an impressive beautiful town long ago… Now there are only blackened rock.



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