Colourful Santiago

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it is very rare to have a nice view of Santiago. The city, one of my hometowns, is famous for being constantly swallowed into a maze of smog. Constantly. Literally, every month of year except for mid spring and summer. Geography plays a key role here, the city is in a big valley surrounded by impenetrable hills and the Andes mountain range, so winds are often a rare phenomenon.

So when my big brother Stefano took this photo, I couldn’t believe it. I had to share it! This is Santiago de Chile like you almost never see it. Smog persists even in this picture but the contrast of colours make it a magnificent composition.

Santiago seen from Piramide. Photo by Stefano Ferrari.

Chilean Protests: the commercialization of Education

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From time to time Stanito dedicates space to her reader fellows for ideas, suggestions, topics they want to cover or simply for curiosity. So lately I’ve had questions regarding the Chilean students protests, what they look like, how massive they are, why they happened in the first place. Let’s jump back in time…

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Chañaral Alto: oasis of Chile

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anywhere you go you can find the one place that seems detached from Earth, the one place where there’s no noise at all, filled with green, hills, and simply peace 🙂 to me that place is Chañaral Alto. Continue reading “Chañaral Alto: oasis of Chile”

Photo of The Day: Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine Stanito©Google, 2013

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are you looking for breath-taking views and quietness? Then southern Chile is the right place for you.
This is a small tribute to one of my much missed home-countries, Chile.

The Torres del Paine National Park, located in the XII Region called Magallanes, is the 5th most beautiful place on earth by National Geographic, was declared by UNESCO in 1978 as a Biosphere Reservoir, no pollution, spectacular landscapes, lakes, flora and fauna.

It used to be a mythical place years ago. Now more and more people are discovering this place, crowds have come along with environmental pressures on this land’s end. So yes, you’ll see lots of tents, campsites and cooking huts. Good news is that finally the CONAF has come up with measures to limit the numbers of visitors in order to mitigate the environmental impacts.

More info on the study is found here.


Photo of The Day: Vestiges of an Earthquake – Chile

Photo od The Day: Vestiges of an Earthquake - Chile

The coast town of Pelluhue, in the Maule region, was seriously affected by the sea proximity.
The man holding the flag is Bruno Sandoval, craftsman from Talca who went to Pelluhue looking for his home.

The day prior to the tsunami, Sandoval had gone to Laja to carry out some paper duties. The next day together with his family they went back home only to find desolation where his house used to be standing. The tsunami had claimed his house and all his family’s belongings, including his truck.

After looking around for two hours, Sandoval found the flag and raised it up, becoming an international and domestic symbol for hope and solidarity.

Valle del Elqui: from the Himalaya to the Andes

Astronomy, Meditation, relax, clean sky, rest, history, local food, reservoirs, the birth place of the Pisco brand Elqui, and UFO ubductions are just some of the elements that make Valle del Elqui one of the favourite destinations for those looking for a magical place, spiritual connection, or a hippie dimension.

Valle del Elqui© Stanito, 2009
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