Beautiful Heidelberg

Dear Reader,

a long time ago I was visiting friends in this lovely, mysterious and curious town in Germany, no far from Mannheim. Heidelberg, dear Reader, where allegedly a dragon crashed and smashed an old castle.

The Neckar River and a view of the Old Bridge

Heidelberg is also home to the oldest German university, the Heidelberg’s Ruprecht-Karls-Universität, founded in 1386.

A very lucky shot overlooking this beautiful town

Many loved this town, even Mark Twain  loved it so mich that he moved here just to use its obspiration.

And is home to a hidden amphitheatre. Built by the Naxi party in 1935, it was used by the during WWII for rallies and solstice festivals. It is now preserved as a monument, but it is still used for many festivals and cultural events throughout the year.



Stanito posing with Heidelberg in the background